How do I manage requests with PLSclear?

PLSclear search box and permissions form

Using PLSclear to manage how requests are made ensures that you only receive requests for titles you own and that you are supplied with all of the information you need to make a quick decision, first time around.

PLSclear search widget

Adding the PLSclear search widget to your website gives licensees easy access to the permissions form...

request wizard second tab

A permissions form developed by leading permissions specialists.

...with contextual guidance.

And all required fields identified so all necessary information is provided.

Licence Automation

In the title management area, you can set the parameters for automating the issuing of licences.

PLSclear Programme Manager - Licence settings popup

Settings give you control over automation options, which can be set by type, extent or title.

Request Manager

In the Request Manager you will find all of the requests you have received and tools to manage them efficiently.

PLSclear Request Manager

Search for a request...

Lists of requests, which can be sorted by date, status, project name and tag.