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Tips for more effective searching:

Tips for more effective searching:

Use Keywords to narrow search results
If your search returns too many results, you may be able to narrow the results by including keywords in your search. Try adding the author's surname or the name of the publisher to searches for generic titles. E.g. A Level Sociology HarperCollins or Selected Poems Seamus Heaney.

Looking for a poem?
Please search for the name of the book that the poem is published in. We will ask you to give us the name of the poem itself later. If you do not have this information, try a keyword search with the poet's name plus "collected works" or "selected poems".

Looking for a journal article?
Please search for the name of the journal in which the article is published. We will ask you to give us the name of the article itself later.

Please check your spelling
Please check the names of titles, authors and publishers are spelled accurately. The results that are returned may be dependent on the correct spellings being used.

Try searching by ISBN
An ISBN number is a unique identifier given to each publication making it an effective way to search for a specific title or edition.

Using an ISBN for the search term

Searching by author name and not getting any results?
Try using WATCH. This is a large database of copyright contacts for writers, artists, and prominent people in other creative fields.

PLSclear is not able to send requests for translation rights
Sorry about that. You can use PLSclear to find out who owns the copyright to a particular work but please then contact the publisher directly to request permission to translate.

Please be patient with our questions
The more information you fill in, the more likely you are to receive a quick response. We have designed PLSclear to be as efficient as possible for those seeking permission while at the same time providing all the necessary details for the publisher.

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Fair Dealing

UK Copyright law allows people to quote insubstantial amounts from an author’s work, without having to ask permission, if it is for the following uses, which fall under Fair Dealing:

In all cases, acknowledgement must be given to the author and title of the work quoted.

You do not need to ask permission if you are using a short quote for one of these purposes.

How PLSclear TDM works

PLSclear TDM is a web service developed to reconcile the needs of publishers and researchers. And make it easier for publishers to manage requests for text and data mining.

Search for multiple DOI's at one time - or search by publisher...

Provide the publisher with the information they need to facilitate access...

All project details are sent to the right contact, at the right publisher.

PLS Staff will be able to help you.

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We have a dedicated help desk. Contact us in the following ways:

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Why use PLSclear?

To ensure you send the right information to the publishers, the streamlined, interactive questionnaire has been developed with the guidance of the UK's leading licensing practitioners.

To ensure you find content owners reliably, PLSclear uses the Publishers Licensing Society's own title database. The quality of this data is unrivalled in both its currency and scope.

Please provide as much information as possible, so the publisher can understand your project and what materials you want to use.

Please provide as much information as possible, so the publisher can understand your project and what materials you want to use.

This request will be sent to the rights owners of the various extracts.
You will also receive a copy of this request at the email address you provide below. You should expect a reply any time between 1-12 weeks.

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