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Request permission to use content from books, journals, magazines, and websites

PLSclear is an award-winning service that helps you request permission to reuse copyrighted content.

How PLSclear works

Not sure if you’re ready to request permission?

There is certain information that you will need to know about the content you want to use and the project you want to use it in.

Not only will it help the publisher when they are reviewing your request, but if your request is successful, it will also appear on your licence, so the information needs to be correct.

How PLSclear can help publishers manage permissions

PLSclear is a permissions platform designed to save you time and reduce the often admin-heavy processes associated with handling permissions requests.

By opting into to PLSclear, your titles will be available to our growing global permissions market, while also giving you the tools to manage permissions more efficiently.

Signing up is easy and straightforward, and there are no annual subscriptions or set up fees.

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Why choose PLSclear?

What publishers are saying about PLSclear

PLSclear is an innovative, easy-to-use and well supported platform that has enabled us to streamline our permissions workflow, improve customer experience and reduce processing times in addition to creating a new and growing revenue stream.

Tim Spanner, Taylor & Francis

PLSclear is a very efficient way to handle incoming permission requests and ensure you get all the relevant information needed. The system is run by an impressive and dedicated team who are always happy to help and are fundamental in helping publishers to maximise this revenue stream from our products. I happily recommend PLSclear to everyone I know.

Pippa Watts, Scholastic Ltd.

Our experience with PLSclear has been very positive and I can only recommend it to other publishers. The entire process is incredibly easy and streamlines the granting of permissions immensely (from the receipt of the request to the invoicing), which allows you to deal with them more efficiently in a timely manner.

Laure Schinke, Verso

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