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PLSclear searches millions of titles listed in the Publishers Licensing Society database and also from external services such as Bowker and Nielsen.

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Our streamlined, interactive questionnaire has been developed with the guidance of the UK's leading licensing practitioners, to ensure you send the right information to the publishers.

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To ensure you reliably find the correct content owners, PLSclear uses the Publishers Licensing Society's own title database. The quality of this data is unrivalled in both its currency and scope.

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PLSclear was designed by publishers for publishers and increases you chance of obtaining a clearance because it has the questions rights holders want to ask.

The PLSclear service is run by the not-for-profit Publishers Licensing Society (PLS), which provides rights management services to publishers.

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Text & Data Mining

A bespoke service for researchers undertaking Text & Data Mining (TDM). The same quick and efficient process as the standard PLSclear tool, but with TDM specific questions and a dedicated journal search faciliy.