Frequently Asked Questions - Publishers

PLSclear – General introduction

What is PLSclear?

PLSclear is a web-based tool that streamlines the permissions process. If you are receiving requests to have your content reused, PLSclear can help. The tool has been developed by the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS), a not-for-profit organisation owned by the UK publishing industry. Find out more about PLS at

Who is PLSclear designed for?

PLSclear is aimed at helping two main audiences:

  • Rights holders granting permission to reuse content - such as publishers, owners of small publishing houses, and rights and permissions sales teams.
  • Requestors seeking permission to reuse content - such as editorial teams, authors, and rights acquisition teams.

How does PLSclear help publishers granting permission?

  • PLSclear ensures that requestors provide you with all the information you need to make a decision on the request.
  • It saves you time and spares you frustration.
  • It could also improve the profitability of your permissions business by making the process more efficient and by generating more chargeable requests.

I am a publisher: how do I sign up?

  • If you are already a publisher signed up to PLS, contact us at and we can set up your account and arrange a training session to use the system.
  • If you are a publisher who has yet to sign up to PLS, please contact us at to initially sign up to PLS and provide a list of your titles. We can then set up access to your PLSclear account and arrange a training session to use the system.

Can we opt out?

Yes, you can. We can direct potential licensees to other websites or email addresses. Please contact us on

Can more than one person be added as a PLSclear contact?

Yes, please contact us at to arrange this.

How do I get the PLSclear search widget to include on my website?

To include our PLSclear widget on your website, which redirects permissions traffic straight to PLSclear, just click here.

  • It’s free to install, HTML based and easy for you or your developer to add to your website
  • Just add some simple text to give context. We suggest:
  1. Copyright Enquiries
  2. Permissions requests for material published by [company name] are now being processed by PLSclear. Please use the search box below to find your title and make your request. We will then respond with a fee quotation and licence.

How much does it cost?

PLSclear is free to use for occasional users. For regular users, there is a small annual subscription charge that varies depending on the level of use.

Regular use means receiving permissions requests via PLSclear more than 20 times.

The schedule of fees is as follows:

Receiving requests via PLSclear Annual subscription
20 - 39 uses £99
40 - 59 uses £139
60 - 99 uses £169
100 + uses Further details upon request

Can PLSclear manage Free of Charge permissions?

PLSclear now allows rights holders to set usage parameters for various types of permission requests, which can automate or semi-automate the issuing of Free of Charge licences where appropriate, saving you time and speeding up response times for your customers.

Planned future releases will allow you to automate more licences, set fees and fix parameters for invoicing. Keep an eye on our website for the latest updates.

For more information or to arrange a training session contact us at

What is Request Manager?

The Request Manager dashboard helps you to:

  • View all incoming permissions requests
  • Review, license, or decline requests
  • Send quotations for licences
  • Get real time updates on the status of each request
  • Respond directly to the requestor (including uploading documents) via the direct messaging service

In a nutshell, Request Manager enables you to streamline your processes, communicate more effectively with requestors and releases you from the tyranny of your inbox! Get started now.