PLSclear Text and Data Mining Help

What is Text and Data Mining?

Text and data mining is a specialist research technique undertaken by academics and researchers.

See the Wikipedia page on Text and data mining for more information.

How does the PLSclear Text and Data Mining service work?

Researchers face similar problems to other potential licensees. These include finding the current publisher, contacting the appropriate person within the right holding organisation and supplying them with the information they need to make a quick decision about how to progress the collaboration.

PLSclear TDM enables researchers to search by publisher or by DOI and includes a questionnaire developed by leading publishers within the STM sector.

It is possible to upload DOIs in bulk and PLSclear will automatically route copies of the form to different publishers.

PLSclear TDM will not provide you with permission. Instead, it enables you to find the publisher, puts you in contact with them, and they will then confirm permission directly with you.

The Text and Data Mining Service can be accessed here.