Helpful Resources

While PLSclear can help secure permission in many cases, we can’t always answer specific questions about copyright or harder to find titles. We’ve created a helpful list of resources that can be used by anyone looking for additional help seeking permission or more information about copyright in the United Kingdom.

Copyright Questions

Information on UK Copyright can be found on the Intellectual Property Office’s Website.

If you are looking for further information on whether or not your request falls under the terms of Fair Dealing, please visit the IPO’s guidance on exceptions to copyright.

If you cannot track down the rights holder of a title, you may be able to apply for an Orphan Works licence.

Authors and Author Estates

The WATCH file, a database of Writers, Artists, and Their Copyright Holders, is an excellent resource for tracking down contact details if the rights for a title have reverted to the author or the author’s estate.

The Society of Authors Members Database is a public database of author and translators who are members of the SoA that can be searched by surname, keyword or subject area. While not all members are included, many have public contact details for press or enquiries.


The Poetry Library at the Southbank Centre has an entire section of their website dedicated to answering questions about poetry, whether it’s finding biographical and contact details for poets or tracking down 'lost quotations.'