Permissions Basics

When do I need to ask for permission?

There are certain specific types of use that do not require you to seek permission such use that falls under ‘fair dealing’. More information on exceptions to copyright and fair dealing can be found here:

For reuse that does not fall under any copyright exceptions and for a work that is still in copyright permission will need to be sought from the rights holder who may be the publisher, author, or author’s estate.

What is covered under a Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence (and therefore might not need permission to be requested through PLSclear)?

The best way to find out whether the reuse you have in mind is covered by a CLA licence is to use their Check Permissions service at

How does PLSclear help people seeking permission to reuse published content?

PLSclear handles the entire process of requesting permission which can otherwise be confusing and time-consuming. It ensures you identify the current publisher right holder, sends your request to the correct publisher contact, provides all the information publishers need to process your request efficiently, and enables you to manage all your permission requests within one system. At the end of the process, assuming that the publisher is able to license your request, you simply download your licence as a PDF, subject to any payment due to the publisher.