Submitting a Permission Request

How do I request permission using PLSclear?

Search for the title you would like to reuse content from using the PLSclear search bar. You will receive the most accurate results by searching by ISBN or ISSN.

PLSclear will then guide you through the Request Wizard, an interactive permissions questionnaire asking for details of the reuse.

Once submitted, your request is directed to the permissions contact at the relevant publisher.

Can I make multiple requests to different publishers for one project?

Yes. PLSclear allows you to save the usage details of your project. For subsequent requests you will be asked if you want to add the new request to an existing project or you can enter details for a new use.

This will also allow you to check the progress of requests for a particular project in one place.

I can’t find the title I want to reuse.

Visit our help page dedicated to Title Searches.

I do not know the information required in the Request Wizard

The required fields in the Request Wizard form should be filled out as accurately as possible. The information you enter in the fields will appear on your licence. It is best to wait until you have all of the required information before submitting your request.

I don’t know the exact word count of the quote/text extract I want to reuse.

If you don’t know the exact number of words you are reusing, an estimate is fine. You can estimate using an average of 400 words per page.