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Frequently Asked Questions - Publishers

PLSclear – General introduction

What is PLSclear?

PLSclear is an online permissions management tool that streamlines the permissions process for both requestors seeking to reuse published content and rights holders who need to manage requests to reuse their content.

How do I sign up?

Visit to get started or contact us at / 020 7079 5940 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be in touch to tell you more about the service and help get you set up. If you’re new to PLS, you’ll need to register with us and tell us about your titles too.

Can more than one person be added as a PLSclear contact?

Yes, please contact us at to arrange this.

How do I add the PLSclear search widget to my website?

The PLSclear search widget allows requestors to search for titles in PLSclear right from your website. To include our PLSclear widget on your website, just click here.

How much does it cost?

It is free to use PLSclear to submit permissions requests.

If you would like to manage your incoming requests using PLSclear, there are no set up fees and no annual subscription. PLS takes a handling fee from fee payable requests processed through PLSclear. The handling fee rate depends on whether you opt for the PLS Permissions Assist or Permissions Direct service.

Email us at to discuss which service suits your needs.

Can we opt out?

Yes, you can. We can direct those seeking permission to other websites or email addresses. Please contact us at

Can PLS manage my permissions for me?

Yes, our PermissionsAssist service has been developed for rights holders that require a fully managed permissions service. Permissions Assist manages all incoming permissions on your behalf using licensing and pricing settings you provide, supplies detailed reporting on your permissions business and a full payment and credit control service.

How do I manage my permissions within PLSclear?

All incoming permissions will appear in your Request Manager, a dedicated permissions inbox that allows you to:

  • View and respond to all incoming permissions requests
  • Review, license or decline requests
  • Send quotations for licences
  • Get real time updates on the status of each request
  • Keep an accurate, time-stamped record of all communication between the requestor and you

How does PLSclear manage Free of Charge permissions?

Free of charge licences can be automated or semi-automated with the Free of Charge (FoC) programme. Rights holders can set parameters for author reuse, reuse in dissertations, and minimal-use criteria (i.e. requests that fall beneath a certain number of words). You can set these parameters in your Programme Manager.

How does PLSclear manage chargeable permissions?

Rights holders can automate or semi-automate quotations and licenses for chargeable requests using the Fee Payable Licensing (FPL) programme. Set up the rights you’re willing to grant and the prices you would like to charge in your Programme Manager

Do I have to issue my own invoices for chargeable requests?

No. If you are opted into the Fee Payable Licensing (FPL) programme, PLS provides full credit control for all your chargeable requests. Requestors can be approved for invoicing by PLS or can pay securely by credit card via Worldpay. PLS will provide credit control and quarterly distributions of fees collected.

I don’t know what prices to set for my permissions. Can you help?

We can't provide advice on how to price your permissions and there are no pricing “standards”. How much you charge to reuse your content is entirely up to you.

However, if you are not sure about the prices you’ve already set, our system provides full flexibility enabling you to trial pricing strategies by adjusting your pricing through your online account whenever you wish.