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PLSclear is a fast and reliable way of ensuring you do not infringe the legal rights of content owners

PLSclear is a web-based tool that streamlines the permissions process. So, whether you need to seek permission to reuse someone else's content, or if you are receiving requests to have your content reused, PLSclear can help.

  • Ensure you identify the current rightsholder quicky.
  • Enable you to provide the information the rightsholder needs to make a quick decision, first time around.
  • Send your request to the correct person within the rightsholding organisation.

If you are re-using someone else's content, you normally need permission to do so. You need to secure permission from the rights holder, who may be the creator or the publisher of the work. If you do not do this, the copyright holder has the legal right to ask for compensation or the removal of the content you have used.

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To help you complete your permissions request PLSclear has identified the current publisher of to be .

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You can return to your search results and chose a title by a different publisher.

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PLSclear will be down for maintenance

Please note: PLSclear will be down for maintenance on 15 and 16 May 2017 while we deploy a major upgrade to the system, and will be unavailable during this time. We advise that you plan your workload accordingly.
The upgrade will enable faster responses to your requests, and will allow payments to be made directly through PLSclear by credit card.

If you have any queries, please contact the team on 0207 079 5940.
Thanks in advance for your patience.

Get permission to reuse published content quickly and easily with powered by PLSclear.

How it works:

  • 1

    Search for the title you want to reuse by title or ISBN / ISSN

    Begin searching for the title you would like to reuse. We recommend searching by ISBN or ISSN as the results will be more accurate than searching by title or keyword.

  • 2

    Fill in the Request Wizard form

    The request Wizard form was designed to collect all of the information publishers need to process a request from the start, saving back and forth going over request details.

    Be sure the information you are filling in is accurate as it will appear on your licence document.

  • 3

    Your request is automatically sent to the correct publisher rights holder

    You no longer need to track down a permissions or rights contact before submitting your request. When your request is complete, PLSclear sends it to the right contact at the right publisher.

  • 4

    Track progress in your Request Manager inbox

    View your request’s status and correspond directly with the publisher at any time using your Request Manager inbox.

  • 5

    If your request is successful, download your licence and pay any fees due

    Pay for licence fees by credit card or invoice right within PLSclear. Licences will be available as soon as payment is made or, in cases of free of charge licences, when a publisher grants permission.

    Licences are available indefinitely so if you lose your copy, you can access it within your PLSclear account.

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PLSclear for Rights Holders

search and identify the content you wish to re-use

PLSclear searches millions of titles listed in the Publishers Licensing Society database and also from external services such as Bowker and Nielsen.

state how you intend to reuse the content

Our streamlined, interactive questionnaire has been developed with the guidance of the UK's leading licensing practitioners, to ensure you send the right information to the publishers.

email your request to the correct rights holder

To ensure you reliably find the correct content owners, PLSclear uses the Publishers Licensing Society's own title database. The quality of this data is unrivalled in both its currency and scope.

The benefits of registering for PLSclear

Registration lets you contact thousands of publishers, it also provides you with a clear record of all requests you have made and any permissions granted.

It is quick and easy, why not register now?

Discover more about PLSclear

PLSclear was designed by publishers for publishers and increases you chance of obtaining a clearance because it has the questions rights holders want to ask.

The PLSclear service is run by the not-for-profit Publishers Licensing Society (PLS), which provides rights management services to publishers.

Innovator of the Year and Best New Digital Technology Application

Stationers Innovation Award 2017

Help Desk

To guarantee that you are able to complete the request process,
We have a dedicated help desk. Contact us in the following ways:

Email: plsclear@pls.org.uk

Phone: 020 7079 5940

Text & Data Mining

A bespoke service for researchers undertaking Text & Data Mining (TDM). The same quick and efficient process as the standard PLSclear tool, but with TDM specific questions and a dedicated journal search faciliy.

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Introducing Projects

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Once you have created a project, this tab will ask whether you want to use the project details when you next fill out a request.

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